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For mission-critical batteries, under-water, beyond the sky and everything in between, reliable, and dependable portable power.


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Batteries that serve the backbone to a nation's development for transport networks, lightings, commercial, industrial facilities, environmental protection and renewable energy.

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IoT & IIoT

IoT applications are made possible by the conjunction of three main factors:

  • The emergence and deployment of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) and dedicated telecommunication offers for IoT applications,
  • The development of IoT platforms, big data processing and storage capabilities,
  • The drastic reduction in the energy consumption of electronics (communication modules, MCUs, etc…)

Combined with the increased lifetime and reliability of batteries, allowing communicating objects to be autonomous from external power supplies, the choice of power source is critical to the success of any Internet of Things (IoT) project.

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Batteries for the medical market is as diverse as the equipment it powers. Portable equipment, mobile workstations, patient-worn devices, respirators, ventilators, defibrillators and other medical devices will have to perform reliably and operate autonomously, even in the most demanding of environmental and usage conditions; because it is all about lives!

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Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry operates in remote and difficult-to-access locations. These sites depend on the batteries that power the instruments, equipment and systems that make their tasks possible. Batteries’ reliability, energy/power density and safety that are all critical to this sector. With minimal or even no maintenance requirements and a long lifespan, the batteries operate in harsh conditions, at extreme temperatures, for sustained periods and in potentially inflammable or explosive environments.

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